We are all unique, through our presence, the system of values  or through the way of thinking. But sometimes we need a boost to be a little better, more skillful, more confident.

Hey! My name is Alexandra or Maysa, as my friends call me, and I am the person behind this emerging brand. Starting from the first two watches crafted from bamboo wood and natural leather bracelet with popular motifs, I brought to the fore another model, this time with metallic and lavish accents.

My first timepiece with automatic mechanism is dedicated to all men and is meant to interact with the personality of each one, bringing to the surface the power and determination hidden in their individuality. That's why I embraced the brand name "ALIAS", so that it can be a better version of men, whenever they wear this jewel. In Latin, the word "alias" means "known as ...", and it makes you one accessory closer to who you want to become.


It is said that the watch is one of the characteristic elements of a man's outfit, hence you would like to be defined by items or qualities with originality. What you wear delineates your identity,


E-mail: contact@aliaswatches.com

Whatsapp: +40 731 32 32 32

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